Specialised Housing Services


Fully automated end-to-end, web-based housing administration system for all RDP housing cycles which incorporate biometric fingerprint verification, validated ID numbers and electronic signatures with an e-housing card.

End to End system comprising of a:

  • Web-based management platform for authenticated users
  • A mobile application
  • Online & offline data capturing module
  • Built-in validation controls (ID validation)
  • GIS functionality
  • Save & synchronisation functionalities
  • Quality control
  • Geographical Enumerator Management
  • Reporting (Across all Housing cycles)
    Web services integration with UIF, HSS, Home Affairs


Web-based integrated housing administration database:

  • Cycle 1: Housing Demand Database (Registered on HNR)
  • Cycle 2: Subsidy Administration (Submitted: Approved/Declined)
  • Cycle 3: House Allocation (Beneficiary Allocated to Stand)
  • Cycle 4: House Construction Inspections (Building Authority: Completed)
  • Cycle 5: House Hand Over (Happy Letter Signed)
  • Cycle 6: Transfer of Stands (Title Deed Issued)
  • Cycle 7: Occupancy Audit


Housing Demand Database
Subsidy Administration
House Allocation Tool
Social Facilitation
Occupancy Audits & Survey
Transfer of stands
House Inspection & Rectification Tool
House Hand-Over
Deeds Rectification
Relocation Plans



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