Municipal Services


To determine the value of fixed assets utilizing modern valuation methods by registered, professional valuers. Oracle on Oracle GIS Web Based Valuation System with Mobile Application for field cards for all property categories.

Oracle Web-Based Valuation System provides:

  • Property Master File with Deeds-, Surveyor General- & Spatial Layers
  • Computer Aided Mass Appraisals (CAMA) for Valuations
  • Audit Trail
  • GIS Database
  • Electronic field cards
  • Objection & Appeal Processes


Our Land use management system supports a Single Land use scheme which incorporates the Spatial Development Framework (SDF) and other data sources for all spatial planning and land use management functions.

Our Oracle on Oracle GIS web-based Land Use Management system incorporates the Land register with following data layers:

GIS Meter Audit & Meter Reading System

To Ensure:

The existence of a Water/Electricity meter for each registered stand in the municipality
The actual location (Sub-meter accuracy) of each meter
Monthly meter readings

PMM Offers:

GIS-based Meter Reading Technology with embedded photos, Object Character Recognition (OCR) and Sync Functionalities
Integrate meter readings with Debtors
Flag exceptions

Deeds Data System


Have an updated Debtors Database
Integrate and Incorporate in the Supplementary Valuation Roll:

  • New Townships Registered
  • Sub-divisions
  • Consolidations
  • Noticeable selling prices difference with General Valuation Roll
  • Have limited human intervention

To know all registered property categories for example:

  • All Government Properties
  • All Municipal Properties

Income Enhancement

PMM introduces our Oracle-on-Oracle Web-based GIS System to manage the entire Income Cycle.

Our solution has, amongst others, the following functionalities:

  • Incorporated GIS
  • Web-based
  • Incorporated Mobile Meter Solution

Land Surveying

PMM provides professional land surveying services. We have successfully completed many diverse projects for clients such as the Department of Land Affairs and the Department of Housing:

  • Subdivisions and Consolidations – surveys and applications
  • Sectional Titles
  • Amendments to existing diagrams
  • General Plans
  • Prospecting diagrams
  • Mining Right Diagrams
  • Site Plans
  • Beacon Queries and Relocations
  • Servitude Plans
  • GIS mapping
  • Land Surveyor’s certificates
  • Volume Surveys



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